What Can Your Breath Do For You?

The path to your inner freedom starts with a breath

What is Breathwork?

Learning about the breath and the ways of using it is like uncovering that you have a superpower. I would love it if more people were able to see and feel how powerful and magical their bodies are
It consists of two parts: breath awareness and conscious breathing. They lead us to personal awakening, spiritual development, healing from emotional and physical “baggage” and personal growth. It starts with breath awareness, which leads to body, thought and emotional awareness. You need to become aware of your breath before you can do anything with it. Once you reconnect with your breath you are on your way to self healing and self realization.

Harnessing the Power of Breath

Any intense emotional and physical state and thought pattern or suppression of one, carries a breathing pattern with it, which in turn affects our physiological state. The amazing thing is, it works in both directions, by changing our breath we change our emotional state. By changing our breathing pattern we change our focus thus switching our awareness onto something else. Breath is a vehicle that connects our mind and body, our consciousness with our subconsciousness. It is the quickest way to access our nervous system and affect the state it is in.

Empowering Lives through Conscious Breathing Techniques

Breathing therapy is a great tool for interrupting/changing emotional response patterns that feel disruptive and affect our life in a way that doesn’t serve us or benefit our well being. Conscious breathing techniques can have a great impact on the quality of life on a day to day basis.

Unlocking Inner Harmony

To develop a deeper awareness of our internal emotional and mental state, to restore our breathing pattern and develop harmony with all the parts of ourselves. To increase flexibility in our responses to situations that we find ourselves in. It can help you expand and grow in ways that you never would have imagined possible. The breath is with us every step of the way, supporting us, connecting us to every sensation, to every feeling as we move through our life. It keeps us in the present by pulling us back from the overwhelming past or fear of the future.
Letting go of the past doesn’t mean forgetting about it. The past just loses power over the present moment.



Connect with your inner healer

The most incredible thing about breathwork is that it allows you to connect to your inner healer. Allow me to show you how you can use your breath to change your life. You are the true expert and with my help you can find your way to who you really are, to your authentic self.
The practice is not a one size fits all approach because each time we are working with the body’s intelligence and with a particular state of the nervous system. We use different patterns/rhythms of breath and somatic practices to gently guide blocked or stuck emotions and sensations to the surface to be released

Experience Freedom With Breath

You always have a choice. So what would it be: a life free of learned patterns of thoughts/behaviours/responses or do you want to continue to carry the emotional weight of the past.
Experience freedom by being at peace with yourself and trusting yourself again..
I want to be a part of the movement where it is safe to feel and experience a connection to oneself and the world around.